Friday, May 31, 2013

Plein Air Challenge: Day 11

I've been really good so far about keeping a schedule, which I'm finding is very necessary for a challenge such as this.  My other painting committments didn't stop during this challenge.  In fact, I have several pieces that need to be finished soon in my studio.  Therefore, my routine has been to take my son to preschool then go straight out to paint.  Then spend the remaining day in my studio.  Even on days such as this when it's raining and I would most likely hold off painting outdoors until another day - I still do it!  I've been happy with my results so far.  It's a nice feeling to know that I got something good out of a day I would normally not go out!  And I keep rediscovering things that should seem obvious. For example, if you want atmosphere, go paint in the rain.

"Vera Road In Rain" oil 6x8 ©Kim Casebeer