Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grand Teton/Yellowstone National Parks Painting Series

I have been hard at work on a new series of paintings that I am very excited about and wanted to share a few of them with you.  These pieces focus on both the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in the northwestern portion of Wyoming.  These are all studio pieces based on plein air pieces created during a trip to the Grand Teton National Park last September.  I will be adding to this series as I complete work so please check back.

This first piece, A Haven for Many, is a fork of the Snake River which runs through the Grand Teton National Park.  This is Schwabacher Landing, a popular spot to view the Tetons.  As the title suggests, these types of environments are home to many birds, fish, and other wildlife.
A Haven for Many, oil, 18x24

Bradley Lake Shoreline, is a view of Garnet Canyon across Bradley Lake.  Bradley Lake is a short hike from Taggart Lake along Taggart Lake trail.  I have hiked this trail many times and painted along both the Taggart Lake and the Bradley Lake shorelines.
Bradley Lake Shoreline, oil, 24x24
Fall in the Valley, is a beautiful view of the valley from Willow Flats Overlook in Grand Teton National Park.  The light was wonderful on this particular fall evening.
Fall in the Valley, oil, 18x24

This piece, Mount Moran from Willow Flats, is the same evening in the Willow Flats Overlook area, looking across a portion of Jackson Lake to Mount Moran.  I have painted en plein air in the Willow Flats area many times.

Mount Moran from Willow Flats, oil, 20x24
 The Magic Hour, is an intimate view of the Snake River shoreline in the Grand Teton National Park.  The evening light was just, well magical!
The Magic Hour, oil, 24x18