Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Plein Air Challenge: Day 42

And here's the last one I will leave you with until I post plein airs from the Tetons.  I painted this from the Kaw State Park in Topeka as well.  A really lovely evening to paint!

Clouds Over The Kaw, oil, 6x6 ©Kim Casebeer

Plein Air Challenge: Day 41

Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing when to take a break!  I leave for Jackson WY in 10 days and have a ton of studio work to do, so I'm putting the daily challenge on hold until I get to the Grand Tetons.  Usually when I arrive at the Grand Teton National Park, I am so excited to paint that I paint three plein airs a day!  There will be plenty of opportunity for making up the days.  For now, I'll leave you with two pieces done along the Kansas River, or Kaw River, at the Kaw State Park in Topeka.  It was so nice, and my husband and little boy were able to go on a hike while we were there.  The parking lot is by the railroad tracks, so Collin got to see two Union Pacific trains go by!

Kaw River Reflections, oil, 6x8 ©Kim Casebeer

Plein Air Challenge: Day 40

This was Friday, June 28.  It was a really busy day so I did this piece fast in the afternoon just to loosen up.   It's a small piece of my garden viewed between the trees.  I am needing a lot more time in the studio in the next few weeks, which is forcing me to find compositions in my own backyard.  This isn't a bad thing.  In fact, lately I've been drawn to subjects I wouldn't normally paint such as the flowers, plants and vegetables that are right outside the back door.

Tomatoes and Currents, oil, 6x8 ©Kim Casebeer

Plein Air Challenge: Day 39

It was really nice to be out early this morning (Thurs. June 27th) and beat the heat.  For a brief time, the sky and the clouds showed off some amazing colors.

Morning Sky, oil, 6x8 ©Kim Casebeer