Plein Air

Below are a few of the plein air pieces I painted during the unseasonably warm weather from January 3 - 10, 2012.  I spent most of each of these days painting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.  It has been so warm this winter.  We've even hit record temperatures a few times and it looks like that will continue.  Plein air painter's paradise!

K-4 Farmstead, oil, 8x10
Sommerset Cafe, Dover, oil, 12x10

Dusk on Hoch Road, oil, 9x12

White Road, oil, 9x12
This is my personal favorite from the week outside.  As I'm posting this, a 30x40 version of White Road is in progress in my studio.

Tree Grove, oil, 9x12

Evening Road, oil, 8x16