Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Small Painting Auction Through

Clear Evening Sunset, oil, 6x8

One common conversation I have with other painters who work outside a lot is that, "wow we have a lot of little paintings in our studio!"  Sure, some of the gems get framed and sent off to my galleries.  I take stacks of these with me when I teach workshops or otherwise travel and they are available for sale.  Still, I have a lot of great little paintings sitting around my studio that need good homes!  I'm getting ready to do another personal challenge of painting outside every day for at least a month this spring, so I need to make some room.  Which means there's a great opportunity for collectors to either add to their collection, or perhaps get started collecting.  I'm offering these little gems on an art auction website, DailyPaintWorks.comClear Evening Sunset is up for auction right now, and 3 times a week I'll have more go up for auction.  I'll post each auction to my blog.  You can check out my gallery page to see what's available in the future, or if you see something you really want send me an email at to buy it before it goes to auction.