Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Announcing New Workshop in Texas

Improving Studio Work Through Plein Air

Location: New Braunfels Art League, 239 W San Antonio Street, New Braunfels Texas 78130
Contact Information:  Cindy Capitani, email:, phone: 210-542-6180
“I believe the single most important learning experience for a landscape painter, is painting outdoors from life — there is no substitute.  I use my outdoor paintings as learning tools and as studies for larger paintings in the studio.” – Kim Casebeer
Skill level: Basic drawing and painting knowledge, otherwise all skill levels
Class size:  10 people min. / 16 max.
Both oil and pastel accepted.

This workshop is geared toward the student who wishes to take their landscape studio work to the next level.  Creating fresh, quick studies outdoors and using those in the studio, will remind you of the light, atmosphere and excitement of the outdoor experience while also using reference photos to help remember the details.

In this workshop, we will paint several small studies outdoors on the first day, then move into the studio to create studio pieces from our studies.  To aid in the studio work, please bring a digital camera to take photos of your first day's locations.  Each student will be responsible for getting the reference photos printed for day two.  You are also encouraged to bring other photos that may be helpful in composing a studio piece such as interesting skies, backgrounds, etc. or if weather does not permit us to go outdoors.
To register for this workshop, mail your deposit to: Cindy Capitani, 46 Grassmarket, San Antonio, TX  78259.  Make checks out to NBAL, and please include the following information:  Your name, address, telephone number(s), email address and the name of the workshop &/or instructor.

NBAL Workshop Policy
Students are required to pay a $100 deposit on all workshops that are 3 days or more in length. A $50 deposit will be required on all other workshops. The final payment is required 30 days prior to workshop with no refund or cancellation after final payment. This guarantees the Instructor the total number of students in their class so they can prepare accordingly and prevent cancellation of the workshop during the final days of planning. Deposits and/or final payments that are forfeited will be paid to the instructor less the gallery fee. All checks should be made payable to NBAL only.